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Pictures of Lhasa Riot on 14 March 2008


On March 14, Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region, was hit by a violent riot, involving beating, smashing, looting and arson.

A woman escapes from the fire set by the mobs. Xinhua /Chogo

One mob carries a long knife, while the other mob with an iron chain in the right hand burns a Chinese national flag in the riot that broke out in Lhasa On March 14.  Reuters / Xinhua photos

On March 14, rioters stone shops and vehicles on Duosangge Road in Lhasa.  Xinhua /Gesang Dawa


The riot police shield themselves against a rain of stones from the violent rioters during the unrest that broke out in Lhasa on March 14.  Reuters / Xinhua Photos


On March 17, "Tibet independence" groups charged at the Consulate General of China in Munich of Germany, attacking consulate staff (red circled in the photo) with cans and sticks. A total of 17 China's overseas consulates have been attacked by the so-called "Tibet independence" groups.  Xinhua Photos

Lhasa citizens buy vegetables at a market on Linju Road. The Tibet Autonomous Regional government quickly mobilized security personnel to take necessary measures against the mobs according to law to safeguard social stability. Xinhua/Suolang Luobu

Students from Jibenggang Elementary School in Chengguan District of Lhasa resume study on March 17. Classes of colleges, high schools and elementary schools have returned to normal. Xinhua/Chogo

Vehicles ride through Beijing Zhonglu Road before the Potala Palace in Lhasa on March 19. Traffic on the main streets has resumed and most shops reopened for business.  Xinhua/Chogo

A foreign tourist asks local people for direction on Beijing Road in Lhasa on March 19. As a main revenue source for Tibet, tourism is expected to return to normal soon. Xinhua/Gesang Dawa

Basang Ciren, a Tibetan farmer of Gurong Township of Duilongdeqing County in Lhasa, located close to the Qinghai-Tibet railway, ploughs the field in preparation for the spring seeding. Xinhua/Suolang Luobu



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