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MEDIA RELEASE-- What has happened in Tibet?(16 March 2008)


In the past few days, a serious criminal act of violence involving beating, destruction of property, looting and arson broke out in Lhasa, Tibet. Rioters set fire to over 300 sites, including civilian houses, schools, hospitals, banks, shops and governmental offices, with 214 rooms and 56 vehicles burned. They also resorted to extremely brutal means in their killing spree, with 13 innocent civilians burned or slashed to death, 61 policemen injured, 12 of them seriously. In the wake of this, similar riots took place in neighboring provinces of Qinhai, Gansu and Sichuan these days. Facts show, the riot were absolutely not what Dalai Lama called "peaceful demonstration", but a plain trample of peace and human lives, which had aroused strong indignation and condemnation from people of all ethnic group in Tibet.

The local governments of Tibet Autonomous Region and other related provinces have taken lawful measures to maintain the social stability and protect people's life and property. In doing this, the law enforcement personnel showed great constraint, without using any destructive weapons, hence no such things as "cracking down". The measures taken by the local governments, who are entitled to protect the life and property of its citizen, were lawful and fully supported by its people.

On March 15th, 4 Tibetan separatists broke into the Chinese Consulate in Sydney and destroyed the Chinese flag during a protest before the Consulate. A policeman, while performing his duty, was also assaulted by the same rioters. Similar violence happened to the Chinese Consulate in Melbourne and other overseas Chinese missions on these days.

There are ample evidence proving the riots in and outside China were organized, premeditated, masterminded and incited by the Dalai clique, whose purpose is to undermining the coming Beijing Olympic Games and China's peaceful situation. However, as Premier Wen Jiabao reiterated recently, the door of dialogue remains open to Dalai, so long as he gives up the pursuance of "Tibet independence", recognizes Tibet and Taiwan as inalienable parts of the Chinese territory.

49 years ago, a democratic reform in Tibet freed millions of Tibetan slaveries. With the support of the central government and all Chinese people, Tibet has since witnessed earth-shaking changes, as shown in its political stability, economic boom, peaceful co-existence of different ethnic groups and great improvement of people's livelihood. Tibetans right in religious belief, education, health care and so on have been fully secured and guaranteed.

The Chinese Government is capable of maintaining the law and order in Tibet and safeguarding the life and property of the people there. The Dalai clique's hidden agenda to undermine the coming Beijing Olympic Games and Tibet's peace and stability is doomed to failure.

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