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Wang Yi: Covid-19 Once Again Shows Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind is a Right Choice that Meets the Trend of Our Times


State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the BRICS Foreign Ministers' Extraordinary Conference on COVID-19 on April 28 in Beijing.

Wang Yi noted, the sudden onslaught of COVID-19 reminds us once again that our interests are closely entwined and so are our futures. A challenge that respects no border and makes no distinction of ethnicity has only made global governance more important, not less. As we live in the same global village on planet Earth, building a community with a shared future for mankind is a right choice that meets the trend of our times.

Wang Yi said, people wonder what the world would be like after COVID-19? Some have argued that the world will never be the same again. China's strategic assessment is that COVID-19 will not change the theme of the times which remains peace and development; it will not cut short the historical trend toward multi-polarity and globalization, and still less will it deter humankind from its firm pursuit of civilization and progress. In a time of crisis, we must bear in mind both immediate needs and longer-term objectives and promote both our own interests and global well-being. We must work together to sustain a peaceful and stable international environment and foster brighter prospects for win-win progress.

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