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Wang Yi: Looking out for Each Other in Trying Times is What the BRICS Spirit is All about


State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi attended the BRICS Foreign Ministers' Extraordinary Conference on COVID-19 on April 28 in Beijing. Wang Yi noted, looking out for each other in trying times is what the BRICS spirit is all about.

Wang Yi pointed out, at the toughest moment in our fight against the disease, fellow BRICS countries and the rest of the global community extended valuable support to us. We will never forget such acts of friendship. As the virus hits more countries around the world, China is doing everything it can to help those in need. In spite of substantial demand at home and growing pressures to meet foreign orders, China has provided a large amount of medical supplies to fellow BRICS countries, and facilitated the purchase of such supplies through commercial channels. Going forward, China is ready to step up the sharing of information and experience with BRICS countries and conduct joint research and development of drugs and vaccines on the basis of respecting each other's sovereignty and national conditions. Given the close personnel exchanges among us, we should provide equal protection to the foreign nationals, including students, in each other's countries. Wang Yi expressed confidence that, by working together in solidarity, we will forge an ironclad shield against the virus.

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