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Wang Yi Speaks by Phone with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian


On 22 April, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi spoke by phone with French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

Wang said that COVID-19 is a common enemy of all countries and requires a concerted response. We appreciate your country's assistance at our most challenging time, and are ready to return the kindness and provide necessary support and help according to France's need. This demonstrates the spirit of international humanitarianism as well as the strength of our strategic partnership. China will keep working with France in fighting the virus until we win the final victory together.

As major countries, China and France shoulder important responsibilities for the development and progress of humanity. We are prepared to work with France to make our joint contribution to global public health security.

President Xi Jinping values the mutual trust and friendship with President Macron. China thinks highly of the independent tradition of France's foreign policy, especially its commitment to multilateralism. China welcomes a more active and important role of France in current international affairs.

Wang stressed that WHO is at the heart of coordinating the global response to COVID-19, and is particularly indispensable in helping African and developing countries elsewhere to tackle the disease. Now is the time to strengthen and support WHO, instead of demoralizing or undermining it.

The international community should support WHO's work for the sake of the health of humanity as a whole and rise above differences in ideology, social system, bloc or domestic politics. To support WHO in playing its role is to save more lives, treat more patients, and pool global synergy in battling the virus. This is a view shared by most countries, and the choice of all people with conscience.

Le Drian expressed France's appreciation to China for facilitating its purchase of much needed medical supplies. The "air bridge" in place to ship them through civil aviation flights is working quite well. During their recent phone calls, the two presidents have reached important common understanding on deepening bilateral health cooperation. France stands ready to follow this through and calls on all countries to unite in the fight against the virus. France shares China's view on the role of WHO. Both countries support the organization in playing its part and oppose stigmatization of any country in the name of fighting COVID-19.

The two ministers also exchanged views on the possible contribution permanent members of the UN Security Council can make to the global anti-epidemic response.

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