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Wang Yi: Only with Unity Can the International Community Defeat COVID-19


On 17 April, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi took a phone call from French President's Foreign Policy Adviser Emmanuel Bonne.

Wang noted that China is following closely the COVID-19 situation in France and the rest of Europe. The French government's response measures are paying off, and it is believed that under the strong leadership of President Emmanuel Macron, the French people will definitely secure an early victory against the virus. In the past few weeks, China has overcome difficulties and made best efforts to facilitate France's purchase and transportation of medical supplies from the country. China will continue to stand firmly with France in fighting the battle against the virus and ultimately bringing an end to it.

Wang noted that at this critical historic juncture when the mankind's future is at stake, it is imperative that China and France, as two permanent members of the UN Security Council, understand, trust and support each other, and play their due roles in the international cooperation against COVID-19. China fully echoes France's call for international solidarity and joint efforts against the disease. Only with unity can the international community defeat the virus that undermines the health and safety of all humanity. Any attempt to undermine solidarity and trust, or even to shift blames to others, does no good to control efforts either at home or at the global level. As a UN specialized agency, WHO has played an active and leading role in COVID-19 response. China and France both strongly advocate multilateralism, and to support WHO is to support multilateralism and the United Nations. We need to uphold the role of WHO and encourage it to play its due role in international cooperation against the virus.

Bonne expressed appreciation to China's facilitation of France's purchase of medical supplies in China. France calls for global unity in battling the virus and, like China, it firmly supports the work of WHO and its Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. France will work closely with China in international response to COVID-19, discuss concrete cooperation that facilitates global unity, and enhance dialogue and coordination in the UN Security Council and other multilateral mechanisms.

The two sides also had in-depth exchange of views on ways to enhance cooperation among the permanent members of the UN Security Council to facilitate global anti-epidemic cooperation.

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