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President Xi Jinping Sends Message of Sympathy to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko over COVID-19


On 15 April, President Xi Jinping sent a message to President Alexander Lukashenko, conveying the sincere sympathies of the Chinese government and people to the Belarusian government and people over the COVID-19 outbreak in his country.

In the message, Xi underscored the mutual support and assistance between China and Belarus after the virus has struck both countries and hailed it as a testament to their friendship and solidarity in trying times. China firmly supports Belarus's efforts to beat the virus, and will continue to help as much as it can. Viruses respect no borders and are a common enemy of humanity. The world needs to embrace the reality that we are a community with a shared future, strengthen solidarity, coordination and cooperation in the face of COVID-19 and jointly safeguard global health security.

Emphasizing the great importance he places on China's relations with Belarus, Xi expressed his readiness to work with Lukashenko to strengthen medical and health cooperation, among other fields, for the benefit of both sides.

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