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Premier Li Keqiang Chairs Meeting of Central Leading Group On Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Disease Outbreak


On 16 April, Li Keqiang, Member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Premier of the State Council, and head of the Central Leading Group on Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Disease Outbreak, chaired a meeting of the leading group.

The meeting warned that containing infection at home remains a daunting task, with imported cases and sporadic local infections entwined. The situation demands full attention and allows for no slackening of efforts.

All sub-national governments should fully discharge their responsibilities with a greater sense of urgency. They should act quickly to raise the nucleic acid and antibody test capacity, expand the testing coverage, and see that tests reach each and every one in need within key regions and populations. This will help consolidate the progress made in the containment, and contribute to both the protection of the people and restart of economic activities.

The meeting stressed the need to focus on the right priorities in the containment as the situation of case import evolves. Border provinces are required to follow a city-specific approach in developing response plans and enforcing responsibilities for containment down to each administrative area to reinforce the weak areas in the control and treatment in border regions.

The meeting urged better allocation of medical workers according to need within the border provinces. It called for sending in more disease control experts and healthcare workers from across the country, especially those specializing in treating severe cases and respiratory illnesses, to support the border areas and point-of-entry cities in building up local capacity of case diagnosis and patient treatment.

To advance both epidemic control and economic and social development, the meeting urged drawing on the experience and good practices nationwide, to optimize the guidelines for full restoration of work and production alongside regular containment measures.

The meeting underscored the importance to strike a proper balance between targeted containment and resumption of normal work and life. It called for facilitating the flow of people and factors of production across regions, and promoting normalcy in all types of economic activities, to foster an enabling environment for economic and social development.

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