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President Xi Jinping Exchanged Letters with Argentine President Alberto Fernández over Fight Against COVID-19


President Xi Jinping recently exchanged letters with Argentine President Alberto Fernández over the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak in both countries.

On behalf of the Chinese government and people, Xi expressed sincere sympathies to the Argentine government and people over the COVID-19 outbreak. China firmly supports Argentina's outbreak response. It has sent emergency supplies to Argentina and shared experience with Argentine medical experts. China will continue to share control and treatment experience and diagnostic and therapeutic solutions with Argentina and do what it can to send more supplies. Through closer exchanges and cooperation on the outbreak, the two countries will contribute to greater public health security in the region and beyond.

Fernández thanked China for its massive support and commended China's strong leadership and creativity in fighting the outbreak, which he described as an example for Argentina to follow. He expressed his hope to draw upon China's unrivalled experience in controlling the outbreak, and shared his confidence in the deepening of the friendly and mutually beneficial relations between the two peoples through cooperation against the virus.

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