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President Xi Writes in Reply to WHO Director General


On 26 March, President Xi Jinping wrote back to WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, expressing appreciation for his efforts to promote international cooperation against COVID-19 and China's readiness to continue its support for the global response to the outbreak.

In his letter dated 17 March, Dr. Tedros praised President Xi's extraordinary leadership and China's incredible efforts in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. The commitment of the Chinese government, coupled with the dedication of the Chinese people, to address the outbreak as comprehensively and rapidly as China has, is a symbol to the international community of how a fervent focus on a singular objective can change the trajectory of this disease. Dr. Tedros also expressed his deep appreciation for the Chinese government's financial support for WHO and the international response effort. This gesture is a reflection of the global solidarity that is essential to contain this virus as soon as possible.

In reply, Xi welcomed the close cooperation with Dr. Tedros and WHO in fighting the outbreak. He pointed out that the situation in China is moving steadily in a positive direction. Life and work are quickly returning to normal, a momentum that is building up and expanding. Good progress is being made in coordinating outbreak control with economic development. As this happens, we are keeping a close watch on the latest developments in outbreak control and the economic situation, both at home and abroad, and will finetune our priorities and responses accordingly to win the ultimate battle - the people's war against the outbreak.

Xi noted that WHO's vigorous efforts in promoting international cooperation against COVID-19 under the leadership of Dr. Tedros have been widely recognized by the international community. China will continue to lend firm support to his personal and WHO's active role in leading the international cooperation against the outbreak. China has all along been an enthusiastic supporter to the global fight against the outbreak. China has given assistance to more than 80 countries and international organizations including WHO, and will continue to support the global endeavor to the best of its ability.

Xi stressed that this outbreak once again reminds us that humanity is a community with a shared future. It is imperative for the international community to stand together and look out for each other to triumph over the outbreak. China will continue to work with WHO and other countries and contribute our part to upholding global public health security.

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