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State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi Speaks with Brunei Minister of Foreign Affairs II Dato Erywan Pehin Yusof


On 24 March, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi took a phone call from Minister of Foreign Affairs II of Brunei Darussalam Dato Erywan Pehin Yusof.

Wang conveyed cordial greetings from President Xi Jinping to the Sultan of Brunei and expressed appreciation for the kind support and monetary assistance the royal family, government and people of Brunei provided to China in its fight against the epidemic, which demonstrated Brunei's friendship and goodwill toward the Chinese people. As close neighbors, China and ASEAN countries have a tradition of helping and supporting each other in trying times. Building on the success of the Special ASEAN-China Foreign Ministers' Meeting on Coronavirus Disease last month, China is ready for another video medical conference with ASEAN countries at an early date. He expressed the conviction that the joint response to the outbreak will further strengthen the solidarity, cooperation and trust between the Chinese people and the people of ASEAN countries.

Dato Erywan relayed the warm regards from the Sultan to President Xi, commended and congratulated China on its effective containment of the outbreak, and thanked China for offering support and assistance to Brunei's epidemic response. Brunei supports another video medical conference between China and ASEAN countries and hopes to see exchanges between ASEAN and China back to normal as soon as the epidemic is over.

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