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President Xi Jinping Sends Message of Sympathy to King Felipe VI of Spain


President Xi Jinping sent a message to King Felipe VI of Spain recently, conveying the sympathies of the Chinese government and people to the Spanish government and people over the COVID-19 outbreak.

Xi expressed China's firm support to Spain's effort and measures to fight the outbreak. China is ready to share experience as well as diagnostic and therapeutic solutions, and will do what it can to help and support Spain's epidemic response. Mankind is in a community with a shared future; solidarity and cooperation is the only way to overcome this public health challenge. So long as China, Spain and the rest of the international community work together, we will secure the ultimate victory against COVID-19.

Xi reaffirmed his commitment to growing China-Spain ties and expressed his belief that the two countries' joint fight against the virus will reinforce the bilateral friendship and mutual trust and deepen their mutually beneficial cooperation for the benefit of both countries and peoples.

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