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President Xi Jinping Sends Message of Sympathy to Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany


President Xi Jinping sent a message to Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany recently, conveying heartfelt sympathies of the Chinese government and people to the German government and people over the COVID-19 outbreak.

In his message, Xi noted that the German government and people of various sectors recently offered sympathies to China and provided support to its epidemic control efforts through various means. In the same spirit, China firmly supports Germany's fight against the outbreak and stands ready to assist, if needed, to the best of its capacity. In the face of public health emergencies, a common challenge to humanity, the most powerful weapon we have is solidarity and cooperation. Believing that we mankind are in a community with a shared future, China will continue to share information and experience with Germany, and strengthen cooperation on containment, treatment and vaccines in the interest of the health and well-being of people in both countries and beyond.

Xi stressed China's commitment to growing the bilateral relationship. China is ready to work with Germany to deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries and continue to promote China-EU relations.

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