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President Xi Sends Message of Sympathy to President Emmanuel Macron of France


President Xi Jinping sent a message to French President Emmanuel Macron on the COVID-19 outbreak in France, conveying sincere sympathies of the Chinese government and people to the French government and people.

In the message, Xi mentioned the fine tradition of helping each other in times of difficulty in China-France relations. He thanked the French government and people from various sectors for extending support and sympathies to China in its all-out battle against the outbreak. Safeguarding public health security is a common challenge to humanity. The Chinese government and people firmly support France in fighting the virus and stand ready to intensify operation. Through mutual assistance, the two countries will defeat the epidemic together.

Xi noted that as permanent members of the UN Security Council, China and France shoulder the important responsibility of safeguarding the life and security of mankind. China will work with France to advance international cooperation on epidemic control and support the central role of the UN and the WHO in improving global public health governance, with a view to building a community of shared health for mankind.

Xi underscored his commitment to growing China-France relations. He stands ready to work with President Macron to advance epidemic response and bilateral relations in a coordinated way and make sure that the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two countries emerge even stronger from the COVID-19 outbreak and continue to move forward.

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