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Wang Yi: The BRICS Countries Should Take the Lead in Safeguarding Multilateralism


On July 26, 2019 local time, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi expounded the Chinese side's stance on safeguarding multilateralism at the Formal Meeting of the BRICS Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Brazil.

Wang Yi pointed out, unilateralism, protectionism, and bullying are now on the rise, which undermine international rules, challenge the international rule of law, disrupt international trade, and exacerbate worldwide instability and uncertainty. Unilateralism is a reversal of the course of history, and will pull the world back to the rule of jungle. It will destruct the international system and order which have been established since the end of the World War II. More and more countries have resolutely said "no" to unilateralism with their actions.

Wang Yi said, while dealing with international affairs, should we focus on strength or reason? Should we negotiate on an equal footing or act arbitrarily? Should we put national interests first or create a better future for all mankind? For the vast majority of countries, the answer is clear. The BRICS countries should adhere to the main theme of multilateralism, and also need to take actions for it. In particular, the BRICS countries should take the lead in safeguarding multilateralism, the international system with the United Nations (UN) as its core, the international order based on international law, the multilateral trading system represented by the World Trade Organization and the common interests and development space of emerging markets and developing countries.

Wang Yi noted, in order to adhere to multilateralism, the first priority is to support the UN in playing an active role and to uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. Next year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the UN, which deserves serious reflection and commemoration by all countries. The BRICS countries should take this opportunity to build a momentum in support of the UN and multilateralism, so as to bring stability and positive energy to the international landscape.

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