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Wang Yi: It Is the Chinese and African Peoples that Are in the Best Position to Tell Whether China-Africa Cooperation Is Beneficial


On June 25, 2019, when addressing the opening ceremony of the Coordinators' Meeting on the Implementation of the Follow-up Actions of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that China and Africa have always been a community with a shared future. We share similar sufferings and struggle in our histories, and are faced with the same tasks of development. We fought together for national liberation and political independence. We joined hands in developing our countries and achieving independent development. We cherish the same vision for a multipolar world and greater democracy in international relations. China-Africa cooperation is a manifestation of mutual understanding between brothers and mutual support between friends, and sets a fine example as a pioneer of South-South cooperation. China values its relations with Africa; it respects and supports Africa. China never goes after selfish geo-political gains in Africa, and never imposes its own will on others. China's approach to cooperation with Africa has been entirely different from that of traditional powers. For some time, however, some outside forces have attempted to vilify and undermine China-Africa cooperation by fabricating the so-called "neo-colonialism" and "debt trap". This is totally groundless, and has been utterly rejected by the African people. Such attempts expose a total lack of respect for Africa, lack of understanding about China, and absence of knowledge about the time-tested, genuine friendship between China and Africa. We believe that facts speak louder than words, and justice lies in everyone's heart. It is the Chinese and African peoples that are in the best position to tell whether China-Africa cooperation is beneficial.

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