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Wang Yi: China-Africa Exchanges and Cooperation Set off a New Boom


On June 25, 2019, when addressing the opening ceremony of the Coordinators' Meeting on the Implementation of the Follow-up Actions of the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that the successful concluding of the Beijing Summit has given rise to a new boom in China-Africa exchanges and cooperation. The implementation of the summit outcomes is in full swing. High-level engagement has never been closer, with 17 state and party leaders from the Chinese side visiting 25 African countries and the AU Headquarters. We now enjoy enhanced mutual political trust, deepened exchanges on governance and closer communication and coordination on international affairs. Collaboration on the Belt and Road Initiative is gathering pace, with cooperation documents signed between China and 40 African countries and the AU Commission. The Dialogue on the Implementation of China-Africa Peace and Security Initiative was held and the China-Africa Institute inaugurated. The implementation of the eight major initiatives for China-Africa cooperation is off to a good start. In light of our respective capabilities and Africa's practical needs, we have jointly formulated country-specific lists, according to which more than 880 projects will be carried out in the coming three years. Major projects supported by grants or concessional loans from China are making steady progress. Last year, two-way trade again exceeded US$200 billion, making China Africa's largest trading partner for the tenth straight year. It is heartening to see that the follow-up actions have produced early and high-quality results overall, and made a visible difference for the livelihood of local communities. As such, they have been widely welcomed by African countries.

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