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Wang Yi: The Chinese Side Stands Ready to Work with the Kyrgyz Side to Eradicate Ideologies of Terrorism and Extremism


On May 21, 2019, when jointly meeting the press with Foreign Minister Chingiz Aidarbekov of Kyrgyzstan after their talks in Bishkek, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed that China's Xinjiang and Kyrgyzstan are linked by mountains and rivers. Both sides are closely interdependent like teeth and lips, sharing weal and woe. The Chinese side is willing to continue to enhance experience communication and exchange with the Kyrgyz side, and jointly eradicate ideologies of terrorism and extremism.

Wang Yi expressed that in previous years, China's Xinjiang was deeply plagued by the "three forces" of terrorism, separatism and extremism. Terrorist forces and extremist ideology posed threats to the security in the two countries as well as the region. In recent years, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has taken active measures to carry out preventive counter-terrorism and de-radicalization work, and achieved remarkable results, which not only safeguarded security and stability in Xinjiang, but also was conducive to regional peace and security. Meanwhile, it made positive contributions to the cause of international counter-terrorism, and accumulated beneficial experience for exploring effective de-radicalization measures.

Wang Yi pointed out that Foreign Minister Chingiz Aidarbekov paid a special visit to Xinjiang during his visit in China this February. After Chingiz Aidarbekov's return to Kyrgyzstan, the Kyrgyz side issued a statement, fully recognizing China's policy in Xinjiang and strongly refuting false reports, for which the Chinese side highly appreciates. This fully shows the fine tradition of mutual respect and mutual support between the two countries. The Chinese side is willing to continue to work with the Kyrgyz side to enhance experience communication and exchange, and jointly eradicate ideologies of terrorism and extremism.

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