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Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan Welcome Foreign Leaders and Their Spouses and Guests Attending the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations (CDAC)


On the evening of May 14, 2019, President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan hosted a banquet at the Great Hall of the People to welcome foreign leaders and their spouses as well as guests attending the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations (CDAC).

Wang Huning attended the banquet.

Beijing in early summer is full of vitality, and the Great Hall of the People at night is brilliant with lights. Along with the cheerful welcome song, Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan entered the Golden Hall with distinguished guests.

Xi Jinping delivered a speech. On behalf of the Chinese government and people, Xi Jinping warmly welcomed all the guests who were in China for the CDAC. Xi Jinping stressed that the hosting of the CDAC is in line with the general trend of cooperation and development in Asia and the expectations of people of all countries for exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations. The conference will serve as an exchange and mutual learning platform for the common development of various civilizations.

Xi Jinping pointed out that civilizations are like water, moistening everything silently. The development of history, the prosperity of society, and the progress of mankind are all inseparable from the nourishment and guidance of civilizations. Asia is a major birthplace of human civilization. In the long history, diversified Asian civilizations have complemented and exchanged with each other, preserving the time-honored legacies of civilization and magnificent maps of civilization for human beings. Today, Asian civilizations have exchanged amid openness, grown together thanks to inclusiveness, and developed through innovation, becoming splendid on the world stage.

Xi Jinping noted that the Chinese civilization has been inclusive, innovative and sublimated throughout its uninterrupted history that spans over 5,000 years. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China 70 years ago, China has adhered to the protection and inheritance of its fine traditional Chinese culture, promoted exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign civilizations, and actively contributed to the progress of human civilization.

Xi Jinping said that tomorrow, we will hold the CDAC to appreciate the beauty of cultural diversity and discuss how to promote exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations. Let us take this conference as a starting point, and work together with one heart and mind to make civilizations of all countries shine in the course of exchanges and mutual learning.

In the cheerful and harmonious atmosphere of the banquet, the host and the guests warmly talked about the cultural exchanges and wished the world peace and prosperity.

Ding Xuexiang, Sun Chunlan, Yang Jiechi, Huang Kunming, Cai Qi, Wang Yi, He Lifeng and others attended the above activities.

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