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Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Jiang Yu's Remarks on the Adoption of the Resolution on Tibet by the US Senate


Q: The US Senate adopted a resolution concerning Tibet proposed by Senator Feinstein and Senator Smith. How do you comment on that?

A: In disregard of China's solemn representation, the US Senate's insists on adopting the anti-China resolution concerning Tibet, siding with the Dalai Clique and interfering with China's internal affairs. We express strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to that.

We urge members of the US Senate to recognize the true face of Dalai, who is engaged in splitting activities under the mask of religion, and his real intension to stage real conflict and violence under the disguise of the rhetorics of peace and dialogue. Those senators should respect facts, abandon their prejudice, and cease immediately their erroneous words and deeds, which hurt the feelings of the Chinese people and undermine China-US relations.

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