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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's Regular Press Conference on 27 September 2007


On the afternoon of September 27, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu held a regular press conference and answered questions on the situation in Myanmar, the Six-party Talks, the search and rescue work for the missing Russian tourists and etc.

Jiang Yu: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I have two announcements to make.

President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo of the Republic of the Philippines will be invited to attend the 12th Special Olympics World Summer Games and then pay a visit to Yantai, Shandong from October 2 to 3.

At the invitation of President Hu Jintao, President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson of Iceland will pay a working visit to China and attend the 12th Special Olympics World Summer Games in Shanghai from October 2 to 11.

The floor is open now.

Q: How do you comment on Myanmar's current situation? It is reported that China has conveyed the concerns of the international community to the Myanmar government. What messages did China send to Myanmar? Will China send any special envoy to Myanmar? Will Myanmar send officials to China to discuss the issue? Some of the foreign media suggest that China did not exert full efforts on the issue of Myanmar. How do you respond?

A: As a neighbour of Myanmar, China follows closely the situation there. China hopes that all parties in Myanmar exercise restraint and properly handle the current issue so as to ensure the situation there free from further escalation and complication. Myanmar's stability should not be affected. Neither should peace and stability in the region.

We hope that Myanmar be devoted to improving people's welfare, maintaining national harmony and properly dealing with its domestic social conflicts so as to restore stability at an early date.

China hopes that the international press can be truthful in reporting and cover the issue objectively rather than hyping up the issue. We have noted that a very few press unleashed some accusation against China, which is vicious defamation.

Q: It is reported that Russia's rescue team has returned to Russia by plane, but there's still one Russian citizen missing in Xinjiang. Will China continue to search for him?

A: I know that Russian media and people follow closely the issue. The Chinese Government attaches great importance on this issue and has spared no efforts in launching search and rescue operation. China-Russia joint search and rescue work concluded yesterday. Among the six missing Russian tourists, two survivors have been found, and the aftermath of the other three bereaved is being properly dealt with. China will continue to make further efforts and carry out ground searches. We will not give up the effort to search for the final missing person.

Q: Has the shipment of the heavy oil assistance provided by China arrived in the DPRK? If so, what is the positive impact on the process of the Six-party Talks?

A: The 50,000 tons of heavy oil assistance provided by China has arrived in the DPRK. China will work with other parties concerned for the comprehensive and balanced implementation of the Joint Statement, so as to continuously push forward the process of the Six-party Talks.

The opening ceremony of the second phase of the sixth round of the Six-party Talks will be held inBeijing this afternoon. We hope all parties concerned can continue to adopt a proactive approach and make constructive efforts so as to obtain positive results out of the Talks.

Q: When did China's second batch of 50,000 tons of heavy oil assistance arrive in the DPRK? What's the specific goal of the Six-party Talks? Will the parties set a timeframe for the disablement of the DPRK's nuclear facilities?

A: China has finished its plan to provide 50,000 tons of heavy oil assistance to the DPRK in recent days. The goal for this phase of the Talks is to make in-depth exchange of views on how to work for the next stage.

Q: As a neighbor of Myanmar, has the Chinese Government been in touch with the Myanmar government on its domestic situation? My second question is, some people criticize China for failing to make greater efforts on the issue of Myanmar and take actions in the UN Security Council. Do you have any comment?

A: China noted that the Security Council held consultation on the situation in Myanmar and the Chairman of the Council talked to the press on the issue. China believes that the international community should provide constructive assistance to the alleviation of the domestic situation in Myanmar. China supports the mediation efforts of the UN Secretary General and his Special Envoy Gambari.

Q: US President Bush announced new sanctions on Myanmar recently. How do you comment on that?

A: We hope the international community can provide constructive assistance to the alleviation of Myanmar's domestic situation and all parties concerned can properly handle the current issue. We also hope that the Myanmar government will be committed to improving the welfare of its people, safeguarding its national harmony and properly dealing with its domestic and social conflicts so as to restore the stability there.

Q: You just mentioned that some foreign media defamed China for the issue of Myanmar, could you give us some examples?

A: While you watch TV, read newspaper or surf the internet, you can hardly miss those groundless remarks accusations against China recently, which are irresponsible.

Q: Does the Chinese Government condemn the Myanmar government for firing at the peaceful protestors?

A: I have already expounded China's position on Myanmar's domestic situation just now.

Q: Recent reports suggested that the DPRK and Syria had nuclear cooperation. Will this issue be discussed during the second phase of the sixth round of the Six-party Talks?

A: We have seen those reports and noted the statements and remarks of relevant countries. I shall stress that the position of China on the issue of non-proliferation is clear and consistent. We believe the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is conducive to preventing nuclear proliferation.

Q: Will the Chinese Government send any special envoy to Myanmar in the near future? Will Myanmar send officials or representatives to China?

A: As for the specific question you just mentioned, I have nothing to share with you. I have already stated the position of Chinese Government on Myanmar's current situation earlier.

If there are no more questions, just to remind you, our Press Conference will break for the National Day holiday from October 1 to 7 and resume on October 9 (Tuesday). Wish you a happy holiday. Thank you for attendance!

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