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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Jiang Yu's Remarks on the So-called "Taiwan-Africa Summit"


Q: The Taiwan Authorities will hold a "Taiwan-Africa Summit" in Taipei on September 9, 2007, followed by a "Taiwan-Africa Progress Partnership Forum" and a summit of African industrial and business leaders. Leaders of the African countries that have "diplomatic ties" with Taiwan and persons from some other African countries have been invited to attend the meetings. What's your comment?

A: The real purpose of the Taiwan Authorities in hosting the "Taiwan-Africa Summit" and related meetings is not to support the development of Africa, nor for the benefit of the people in Taiwan, but for the private interest of some individuals and political parties. We strongly oppose to attempt to carry out "Taiwan Independence" secessionist activities internationally, further intensify its "dollar diplomacy", and undermine Sino-African friendship.

In recent years, the Sino-African ties continue to witness the sound momentum of development on the basis of traditional friendship. The cooperation between the two sides in various fields has achieved remarkable progress. The success of the Beijing Summit of FOCAC last year pushed the Sino-African ties to a new phase of development. At present, the follow-up activities of the Summit are being implemented smoothly. The friendship between China and Africa has become the general consensus and the trend of the times. The vast majority of African countries firmly adheres to the One-China policy, and opposes to "Taiwan Independence" secessionist activities of any form. Chen Shui-bian authorities' attempt to push forward secessionist activities by holding the "Taiwan-Africa Summit" runs counter to the general trend of the times and gets nowhere.

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