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The Kidnapped Chinese Citizen in Niger Safely Rescued


Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao noted on July 18:

After arduous efforts, the Chinese citizen kidnapped in Niger by local armed men on July 6 has been rescued lately and arrived at the Chinese Embassy in Niger.

After the incident took place, leaders of the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the state government were deeply concerned and instructed the Foreign Ministry to work actively for the safe rescue of the hostage. The Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Niger launched immediately the emergency mechanism, made representation to Niger and carried out rescue work urgently. Relevant company also sent a working group there.

The Chinese government condemns the acts threatening the safety of Chinese citizens, expresses sincere gratitude for the assistance of the Niger government and relevant parties and extends warm consolation to the rescued Chinese citizen. We hope that the overseas Chinese companies and personnel further raise their awareness of risks and enhance precaution so as to ensure their safety.

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