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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao's Remarks on Russia's Suspension of its Participation in the CFE Treaty


Q: It is reported that the Information Bureau of the Russian President issued a statement on July 14, claiming that Russia decided to suspend its participation in the Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE) treaty since its national security was threatened. The Foreign Ministry of Russia added the same day that the suspension did not mean that Russia had shut the door to further dialogue with relevant countries. What's China's comment? Do you have any comment on the US deployment of anti-ballistic missile system in Europe?

A: We have taken note of Russia's statement and its security concern. We hope relevant parties could properly settle their differences through dialogue and consultation and make joint efforts to safeguard regional and world security and stability.

As for the anti-ballistic missile system issue, China always holds that the deployment of anti-ballistic missile system will undermine the current international strategic balance and stability. It is not conducive to regional security and mutual-trust between countries, and might give rise to new problem of missile proliferation and end up with arms race. We hope to solve relevant issues by diplomatical and political means through dialogue.

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