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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Liu Jianchao's Regular Press Conference on 19 April 2007


On the afternoon of April 19, 2007, Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao held a regular press conference and answered questions on the Six-Party Talks, the Darfur issue, and reform of the UN Security Council.

Liu: Good afternoon! I shall begin with an announcement. Chinese Special Envoy on the Middle East Sun Bigan will brief the press on his recent trip to the Middle East at the IPC, Prime Tower, 2 p.m., April 20. Your presence will be welcome.

Now, the floor is open.

Q: The US President Bush said that the US would consider to impose further sanctions against Sudan if the latter failed to make rapid progress on the Darfur issue. Besides, a UN report claimed that the Sudanese government disguised their military aircraft as those of the UN to transport military materials to the Darfur region. What's your comment?

A: Recently, Sudan, the UN, and the African Union have reached a consensus on the second phase of the Annan plan, which is a positive progress all are happy to see. We believe that more constructive measures, rather than sanctions, should be adopted to promote the implementation of the consensus at this moment.

I could not confirm or comment on the issue you mentioned that Sudan conducted military transport by disguising their aircraft as the UN's. We hope the consensus reached by relevant parties could be fulfilled at an early date.

Q: Is there any new progress on the Six-Party Talks, the BDA issue in particular? The latest news claimed that the owners of the 52 accounts of the DPRK could draw their money. Please confirm. When will the next round of the Six-Party Talks be held?

A: China has been closely following the process, but there is no further information yet. What I can assure you is that the positions of all parties are getting closer, and there are still some technical problems before we come to a complete solution. We hope relevant parties could adopt a more urgent attitude to promote an early resolution of this issue.

Q: Huseyin Celil is sentenced to life imprisonment today, could you confirm? What impact will this exert on China-Canada relations? It is reported that a senior Chinese official said that China supported Serbia's refusal to carry out the UN plan. What's China's position on the issue of Kosovo independence?

A: As far as we know, the Urumqi Municipal Intermediate People's Court issued publicly a verdict for the first trial of Huseyin Celil, sentencing him to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for separating China; and a 10-year imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for organizing, leading, and participating in terrorist groups. Life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights will be enforced. According to my knowledge, the People's Court of Urumqi has guaranteed the defendant's litigating right according to law while dealing with the case.

China has stated its stance on this case to Canada on many occasions, and Canada is very clear about the fact of this case and China's position on that. We hope that Canada would not interfere with China's internal affairs on this issue, and China-Canada relations would not be affected.

As for your second question, China stands for earnest implementation of relevant UN resolutions, and guarantee of the equal rights and interests of all ethnic groups in Kosovo. We hope that parties concerned could give priority to regional peace and stability in their efforts to find appropriate resolution through patient negotiations.

Q: Sources from Japan suggest that the DPRK has opened accounts in some banks in Southeast Asia in order to withdraw money from the BDA. Can you confirm? Vice Minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee is visiting the DPRK at this time. Does his trip have anything to do with the Six Party Talks?

A: What measures the DPRK has taken to withdraw its funds from the BDA is nothing but its own affairs. I am not aware of that. We welcome all parties to take positive measures for the benefit of a prompt resolution of the problem.

I suggest you consult the International Department of the CPC Central Committee for the information of Vice Minister Liu Hongcai's visit to the DPRK.

Q: China and Japan have reaffirmed the "Strategic Reciprocal Relations" during Premier Wen's successful visit to Japan. Is there any change of China's position on the reform of the UN Security Council?

A: China's position on the reform of the UN Security Council remains unchanged. China supports necessary and reasonable reform of the Security Council. Presently there is still yawning gap among parties in their views on the issue, which needs sufficient and patient democratic discussions for reaching an agreement acceptable to all. China opposes to forcing through any reform plan that fails to smooth out major divergence.

Q: The Columbian Police has arrested 101 illegal immigrants from China. Do you have any comment? Will China ask Columbia to repatriate them?

A:We have got the information and are trying to confirm it with relevant authorities. The source of illegal immigration is quite complicated with profound economic, social, political and international background. The Chinese Government stands against any form of illegal immigration with forceful measures. Illegal immigration is an international issue that requires all relevant parties to shoulder their responsibility rather than China alone. China stands ready to cooperate with other countries to jointly crack down upon crimes as illegal immigration. China will actively cooperate with Columbia to repatriate the illegal immigrants once they are verified to come from the Chinese mainland.

Q: Canada complains about its inaccessibility to consular assistance for Huseyin Celil during his detention and plans to raise the issue during Canadian Foreign Minister Mackay's visit to China later this month. Does China disagree to allow Canada to provide consular assistance for Huseyin Celil? Is it possible for Huseyin to go to Canada?

A: The Canadian side knows well China's position on the issue. The case of Huseyin Celil is China's domestic affairs that Canada has no right to interfere. We hope Canada take a proper position on the matter. As for Foreign Minister Mackey's visit to China, we will release more information once we work out relevant arrangements.

If there is no more question, thanks for coming.

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