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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang's Remarks on the Clash between the Italian Police and Overseas Chinese in Milan


Q: It is reported that a clash between overseas Chinese and the Italian police in Milan led to demonstration on April 12. Can you confirm and tell us more about that? Has China made representation to Italy?

A: On April 12, a Chinese woman was detained after having a physical clash with the Italian police, sparked by a dispute over parking with a police officer in Milan. It led to protest and clash between local overseas Chinese and the police there. About ten Chinese were injured in the demonstration, five of whom had been discharged from hospital after treatment. The Consul–General arrived quickly on the scene and visited the injured in the hospital. Officials in charge of the Department of the Consulate Affairs of the Chinese Foreign Ministry and Chinese Consulate-General in Milan had made representation to the Italian side, requesting the Italian Government to deal with the matter fairly and protect the justified and lawful rights and interests of the Chinese people by taking into serious consideration their reasonable demand.

Now things have generally subsided.

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