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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang's Comment on the Follow-up Aids to Countries Hit by the Tsunami of the Indian Ocean


Q: How does China honor its commitment of aids to tsunami-stricken countries over the past two years since the tsunami of Indian Ocean took place?

A: Since the tsunami of theIndian Ocean in 2004, the Chinese Government and its people, feeling the mishaps as their own, expressed deep sympathy and solititudes to the people of disaster-stricken countries for their huge losses and carried out its largest overseas rescue operation since the founding of People's Republic of China. The Chinese Government announced on three occasions to provide a total of 68,763 RMB aids. Now all the donation funds have been in place. A majority of committed aids projects have been complished. The projects under construction are going on smoothly. The Chinese Government and its people's kindness and generocity display again China's foreign policy of "building good-neighborly relationship and partnership" again and gain extensive applause from the international community and gratitudes from the governments and people of disaster-stricken countries.We will continue to work with relevant countries to implement the projects under construction and make contribution to the reconstruction of disaster-stricken countries and their peoples.

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