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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao's Remarks on the United Nations Security Council's Voting on the Draft Resolution of the Issue of Myanmar


Q: On January 13, China voted against the draft resolution on the issue of Myanmar at the United Nations Security Council. Please brief us on China's position.

A: On January 13 Beijing Time, the United Nations Security Council voted on the draft resolution on the issue of Myanmar. China, Russia and South Africa voted against it.

Myanmar's neighboring countries and most members of the international community including the ASEAN countries and the Non-Aligned Movement countries believe that the situation in Myanmar does not constitute a threat to regional and international peace and security. The adoption of such a resolution in the UN Security Council will go beyond Security Council's mandate enshrined in the United Nations Charter and impair its role and authority.

The realization of political stability, national amity and economic development is in the interest of Myanmar and that of the international community. China will continue to play a constructive role to this end and support the mediation by ASEAN and the UN Secretary-General, hoping that Myanmar can further cooperate with the international community.

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