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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao' s Comment on US Permission of Chen Shui-bian's Stop-over in the US

Q: It is reported that the US has decided to premit Chen Shui-bian' s stopover in the US on his way to attend the inauguration ceremony of Nicaraguan President. What comment does China have?

A: China firmly opposes any official exchanges in any form between the US and Taiwan authority. Our position is clear and consistent. We express grave concern over relevant reports and have made solemn representations to the US.

It must be pointed out that the real purpose underlying Chen Shuibian's stopover in the US is to engage in activities aimed at splitting China and undermining China-US relations. We urge the US to honor its commitment to adhere to one-China policy, observe the three China-US Joint Communiques and oppose "Taiwan Independence", prevent Chen Shuibian from activities in the US under any name or pretext, stop sending any wrong signals to the secessionist forces of "Taiwan Independence" and take concrete actions to safeguard peace and stability across Taiwan Straits and the overall interests of China-US relations.

We also solemnly warn that the scheme of "Taiwan Independence" is unpopular and doomed to failure.

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