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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang's Regular Press Conference on December 5, 2006


On the afternoon of December 5, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang held a regular press conference.

Jiang: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to begin with two announcements concerning the Philippines.

Recently, Typhoon Durian struck the Philippines seriously, causing massive personnel and property losses. China has followed closely the situation in the Philippines. Premier Wen Jiabao and Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing have conveyed condolences to President Arroyo and Foreign Minister Romulo respectively. The Chinese government has granted 200,000 dollars in humanitarian relief, and the Chinese Red Cross will donate 50,000 dollars to its Philippine counterpart.

Secondly, last week, it was announced that Premier Wen Jiabao will attend the Summits of East Asia leaders in the Philippines and pay an official visit to the Philippines from December 11 to 14. Our International Press Center has invited Mr. Cui Tiankai, Assistant Foreign Minister to give a briefing on Premier Wen Jiabao's upcoming visit in the Press Hall at 10:00 a.m., Wednesday, December 6. You are kindly welcome to this briefing. Relevant notice has been released on the IPC website.

Now, the floor is open.

Q: A six-nation meeting over the Iranian nuclear issue is held in Paris today and the US believes that Russia and China should consent to sanctions against Iran now. Do you think any agreement could be reached at this meeting?

A: The meeting of political Director-Generals from the six countries on Iranian nuclear issue is ongoing in Paris. A delegation headed by Mr. Zhang Yan, Director-General of the Arms Control Department of the Foreign Ministry, is present at the meeting. I have no more details about the meeting now, but I will keep following it. We hope this meeting will be conducive to peacefully resolving the nuclear issue by political and diplomatic means.

Q: It is reported that China and the ROK will begin consultations on exclusive economic zones in Beijing tomorrow. Will you share some information with us?

A: The 11th consultation on law of the sea between China and the ROK will be held tomorrow in Beijing. The two countries will carry out discussions on issues of common concern including marine demarcation and scientific research. China has consistently advocated the aforementioned issues between China and other countries, including the ROK, be resolved through negotiations and consultations in accordance with universally-recognized international law as well as the principle of fairness.

Q: Does the Foreign Ministry have any updates about the Six Party Talks? Will the Talks be resumed in mid-December?

A: We hope the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula be peacefully resolved through negotiation and dialogue. We continue to press ahead with the Six Party Talks to promote the resolution of relevant issues. It is certainly our wish to see the resumption of the Talks as soon as possible, but a consensus needs to be reached through consultation among all parties concerned. Recently, China has made close contact with relevant parties including the DPRK and the US, we hope that all parties make further efforts and exert more flexibility, thus creating favorable conditions for the resumption of the Talks. China will continue to make our due efforts.

Q: IAEA Director-General Baradei is visiting Beijing. Please inform us of his schedule in the next few days and the issues he will discuss with China. On the Korean nuclear issue, if the Six Party Talks could not be resumed this year, will it be resumed next January?

A: I think I have just answered your second question.

As far as I know, at the invitation of China Atomic Energy Authority (CAEA), IAEA Director-General Baradei is here for a visit from December 4 to 7. He is now in Beijing. Chinese Foreign Minister Li Zhaoxing and CAEA Director Sun Qin will meet with him respectively. Today, Mr. Baradei delivered a speech at the Qinghua University and the University awarded him an honorary doctorate degree. Mr. Baradei will also visit China Institute of Atomic Energy and laboratories of fast reactor and nuclear safeguards, and attend the opening ceremony of the training center of nuclear safeguards and security jointly established by the IAEA and the CAEA.

China hopes that Mr. Baradei’s visit will further strengthen the cooperation between the IAEA and China in peaceful use of nuclear energy and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. This is all I have now, and relevant authorities will release the latest information about Mr. Baradei’s visit in due course.

Q: Has China finished the luxury goods list as part of the UN sanction against the DPRK? If yes, what items are included in the list? If no, when does China plan to submit the list?

A: China has always implemented the UN resolutions in an earnest and serious attitude. Resolution 1718 is no exception. China will implement the resolution precisely.

As to the items to be included in the list, it is still under discussion in the UN Security Council.

Q: It’s reported that the Assistant Foreign Minister Zhai Jun said in Dubai that China wants to establish a negotiating mechanism with OPEC. Could you give us some details? Is China going to negotiate with OPEC every 6 months?

A: China is a major energy producer and consumer in the world. OPEC is an inter-governmental organization of oil-exporting countries. Enhanced dialogue and cooperation between China and OPEC is conducive to the healthy development of the international energy market. China is positive towards conducting communication and cooperation with OPEC.

Q: It’s reported that China, Japan, the US, the ROK and India will hold an energy ministers’ meeting in the middle of this month in Beijing. Please brief us on some details. Is there any set plan and topic for the China-Japan energy ministers’ meeting? Thank you.

A: I’m searching my memory quickly. I’ve never heard of the five-nation energy ministers’ meeting in the middle of this month. I can make inquiries for you to relevant authorities. There is consensus between China and Japan to strengthen dialogue and communication in various areas including energy. As far as I know, China and Japan are keeping close contact on arranging the dialogue between the two energy departments at an early date.

If there are no other questions, thank you! See you next time.

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