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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao's Remarks on the UN Security Council Adopting a Presidential Statement on the Deaths of UN Peacekeepers


Q: It is reported that the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a Presidential Statement on the deaths of UN peacekeepers in Lebanon on the early morning of 28th. What's your comment on this?

A: On the early morning of July 28th Beijing time, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a Presidential Statement drafted by China on the deaths of 4 UN peacekeepers in Lebanon including Du Zhaoyu, a Chinese military observer.

China has stated for several times its solemn position on and strongly condemned the Israeli air raid on a UN observation post in Lebanon, killing four UN peacekeepers including one from China. We request Israel to cooperate with the UN, make comprehensive investigation and publicize the outcome of the investigation at an early date. We also urge Israel and the relative parties to fully fulfill their international obligations and take concrete measures to ensure the security of UN peacekeepers.

China is greatly concerned over the current tension and turmoil in the Middle East. China urges the conflicting parties to cease fire immediately, carry out humanitarian rescues and return to the track of negotiation and political settlement so as to restore peace and security in Middle East at an early date. China has decided to offer emergency humanitarian assistance to Lebanon.

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