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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Liu Jianchao's Comment on the Outcome of the Discussion at the Special Summit of the African Union on the Reform of the UN Security Council


Q: What comment do you have on the outcome of the discussion at the Special Summit of the African Union on the reform of the Security Council?

A: We support the reform of the Security Council and maintain that priority should be given to greater representation of developing countries and small and medium-sized countries, especially the representation of African countries. We support the African Union's effort to maintain its own solidarity and common interest on the question the Security Council reform.

There is a gap between the draft resolution proposed by the Group of Four and the positions of many other countries. The practice by the Group of Four of forcing a vote for its plan has severely affected the progress of the whole reform of the UN and the preparation for the summit on the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the UN. The UN members in their large numbers are dissatisfied at and opposed to it. The outcome of the Special AU Summit once again manifests that the draft of the Group of Four can not win broad support.

China believes that all parties should formulate a reform plan acceptable to all through in-depth consultation in line with the principle of more democratic international relations.

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